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Animatable drawings of each model can be viewed individually. For DialUp users,each takes about 10 minutes to load the first time it's used. For subsequent viewings, they only need about a minute each, because the required viewing software, which accompanies the drawings, has been automaticly installed into your computer.

With the "PAN" and "ROTATE" buttons, you can drag/rotate or move the mouthpieces so that you can examine them in detail. Or with the "ANIMATE" feature, you can start them, stop them or let them tumble in space on their own. With "TOOLS/OPTIONS" you can change the background color to possibly clarify some feature.

With"SEND" you can even email these to your trumpet playing friends. The drawings are self contained and accompanied by all the necessary software to make them viewable and executable as received. Just make sure that you tell your recipient friends (who are using DialUp service) beforehand, about the 10 minute first load times, so that they won't think their email has locked up and stopped working.

The eDrawings use about 1,700 Kb each, and system requirements are Windows 98 or better.

All dimensions have been removed and backbore, rim and cup details have been altered significantly for proprietary reasons.

Click model to download and view:

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